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    Here at Call Mum, we understand that every customer is unique, and your decking area should reflect with your individual style and preference. We have been building and installing all types of decks in Brisbane for 40 years. Whether you need a quality timber deck, an extension or a patio extension in Brisbane, we have the high quality craftsmanship to get the job done. We design and construct unique outdoor living spaces and decks that reflect your lifestyle, providing a seamless transition from inside your home to the outdoors.

    As the leading deck builder in the city, we at Call Mum only use the best materials when we construct a timber deck in Brisbane. Whatever the shape or level of your garden, we will design an exceptional decking solution that you will enjoy all year round. Our team of builders will design and build to your specification, guaranteeing a deck that will blend into your overall home design and landscape.

    For the past four decades, we have worked on a wide range of deck installations. Our gallery boasts of a variety of deck solutions, including modern deck with horizontal wire balustrades, pool fences, premium timber decking as-well-as deck and patio extensions.

    For customers seeking to expand their home without the risking their security and privacy, we offer private secured windowed decks, space widening deck extensions as well as pool side extension and decks to dine in. We are one Brisbane’s leading timber deck and patio extension builders and as such can build the perfect addition to your home.

    Add Value And Style To Your Home

    Timber decks are quickly gaining popularity in Australia as a way of extending the home’s living space into the outdoors. Homeowners now want to integrate their homes with its surrounding landscape, to provide an escape and a way to relieve stress away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    Timber options are very flexible. Like all our Call Mum products, our decks are fully custom built so that it will fit any location seamlessly. Do you know that you can stack a main deck with another to provide an additional living space? Picture this: if your main deck is at or near ground level, you can have a roof with another deck on top that is accessible from the first floor of your home. The level can also be the same as the indoor flooring, or you can opt to have a step down to emphasise the transition to the outdoors. That is how flexible our timber decks are. We also construct exceptional patio extensions. As a professional builder, our main goal is to make the addition to your property seem as if it were part of the original building, seamlessly constructed with a stylish design that will withstand time and weather.

    Conventional timber decks and patio extensions make use of concrete or stone, and even plastic, as their main material, but the use of wood is now proving to be the best option by far. Wood is a completely natural substance, and as such, it is environmentally friendly and surprisingly long lasting, even in the face of severe weather conditions.

    We at Call Mum guarantee that our patio extensions and timber decks in Brisbane are made only of the finest quality hardwood that is specially treated to ensure a long life. As the leading deck builder in the city, we make sure that our wood is robust enough to withstand the hottest temperatures and the bitterest cold and moisture. Our decking is secured using only stainless steel nails.

    Our work and materials come with a standard six year warranty.

    We have been fitting timber decks and patio extensions to satisfied customers for the longest time. We know how to construct the perfect decking area for your home that is tailored to your exact specifications with only the best materials and the highest quality skilled craftsmen to install it for you. Join the thousands of Australians who enjoy the benefits of their own timber deck, Call Mum now.


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